Girls Heart Brussels – A weekend in Brussel’s beating heart

Girls Heart Brussels lesbian


This weekend lesbians, bisexual women and anyone who is interested will have the opportunity to discover Brussels from a unique point of view, thanks to the second edition of Girls Heart Brussels. This event, supported by the Brussels Board of tourism, is meant to be the occasion to have a look at both the underground and the mainstream queer heart that Brussels has to offer.

The flourishing panorama of lesbian/feminist women working in Brussels’ creative context has naturally led the organizers to foster an initiative revolving around artistic sensitivity. Given that, it’s not a coincidence that Art Brussels 2015 will be held simultaneously. The Girls Heart Brussels programme is rich of lots of exciting shows and exhibitions, such as the performance by the fascinating choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, and the visit to the Body Talk exhibitions at Wiels Museum.

According to the project leader Jessica Gysel, the purpose is to create a regular appointment that could be more intellectually stimulating than other gay gatherings throughout Europe that are mainly centered on leisure. Nevertheless, Girls Heart Brussels opens a window on fashion, food and Brussels’ dynamic nightlife, such as the party at Catclub on Saturday evening.

Girls Heart Brussels, Fri 24 – Sun 26 April 2015, Brussels
One person: 135 Euros. Two people: 160 Euros.

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