Office for Anti-Propaganda, 2011 Installation view “Opening the Door? Belarus Art Today”, Zacheta, Warszawa National Gallery(PL) Pending Propaganda
Vincenzo Estremo |

The etymology of the word Propaganda comes from the Latin Pro-pagere in which pagere means seed, spread, and the prefix pro means forward, for long. In digital era, the word propaganda seems to be anachronistic: …

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Tìmea Anita Oravecz at Haus Ungarn, Berlin Tímea Anita Oravecz: Nothing that Exists or Happens is Symmetrical
Droste Effect |

The central symbol of the shamanistic cosmology is the World Tree which connects the heavens and the underworld to our earthly world. Shamans were travelers between these three spheres and intermediaries between worlds, thereby acting as spiritual …

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