Art at Eataly New York: The Lobsters’ Match by Arianna Carossa

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Eataly New York and Osteria della Pace are pleased to host The Lobsters’ Match, a one-night event that comprises an installation by contemporary Italian artist Arianna Carossa.


Droste Effect will publish a brief dossier on food in the history of art, that will be available to diners at Osteria della Pace throughout the day of the event.


«In the restaurant, Arianna Carossa will scatter around installations made with leftovers from New Years’ Eve, thus creating a sort of decadent banquette, as if the leftovers represented the remains of the past year. Among impaled fish, hung meat, and giant eggs, guests will find themselves reflecting on the connection between past and future.»

– Ludovica Capobianco, curator


Arianna Carossa
The Lobsters’ Match

Osteria della pace @ Eataly Downtown
Westfield World Trade Center, 10007 New York

January 14th, 2018
9:45 PM – midnight

Sponsored by: Eataly
Media Partner: Droste Effect magazine


Photo gallery from the event:

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