Clan Lazzaro – A new pole for Art City Bologna

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Due to the current emergency, the 2021 edition of Art City Bologna is happening independently from the contemporary art fair Arte Fiera, which was postponed until next year.

Art City Bologna 2021 has a few innovative features, which reflect the need for a new beginning, starting from its brand new visual identity. Another interesting change regards the creation of a new art space cluster outside of the city. This new de-centered pole for contemporary art lies outside the city limits, in the nearby San Lazzaro, where three contemporary art spaces decided to give themselves a collective identity. From this decision, Clan Lazzaro was born, a name uniting three important artistic realities from the area: the Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Foundation, 10 Lines, and Kappa-Nöun.

We asked them to offer us a comment and present themselves, and they gave us the following statement.

«Clan Lazzaro are 3 independent, heterogeneous and complementary cells: the members of Clan Lazzaro organize themselves anti-hierarchically to coalesce in events that highlight artistic production, collecting and art displays.
A decentralized aggregation process located along the ancient Via Emilia, which has always been an element of connection between different types of knowledge.

Clan Lazzaro is part of the institutional program of this 2021 edition of Art City Bologna.
On Saturday, May 8th and Sunday, May 9th, Clan Lazzaro, with the patronage of the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena, provides a free shuttle service departing at 4:30 PM from MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art Bologna. The ride includes a guided tour of the 3 spaces, with return service to the Museum.


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Alessandro Brighetti at 10 Lines


10 Lines offers a preview of the new series of works by Alessandro Brighetti, a preview of his solo show, which will take place in Autumn 2021.

On Sunday, 9th at 5:00 pm, 10 Lines invites you to join “En Plain-Air” – an open-air, live portrait session by artists Sergia Avveduti, Giulia Bonora, David Casini, Umberto Ciceri, Rudy Cremonini, Veronica Santi, Ivana Spinelli, and Matilde Soligno, accompanied by a live-jazz session by Andrea Grillini, Carlo Atti, Filippo Cassanelli and Andrea Calì.

The Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Foundation presents “Fiorucci POP Revolution”, a trip back in time, to the 1970s and 1980s, and in particular into the creative chaos of Elio Fiorucci.
This time capsule, set up in the hall on the ground floor of the Foundation, is a careful selection from a wider collection of heterogeneous material from the recently acquired Fiorucci creations spanning from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Kappa-Nöun showcases “Sandwich Walls” by Michael Beutler (2008), a labyrinthine installation of poster paper, plywood, wood, and wood glue.
“Sandwich Walls” shows the entire production site of a beehive construction built inside the walls and made of the materials contained within the structure.»


Clan Lazzaro // Multiple locations:
Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Foundation
10 Lines
Saturday, May 8th and Sunday, May 9th, 2021


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