Walking. Arte in Cammino on the Carnic Alps

The project Walking. Arte in Cammino takes place in Carnia, a mountain area in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, Italy. It links the act of walking with the making of new artwork by invited artists. The works produced are being temporarily placed along a mountain trail where the artists are invited to do research and respond to the theme of World War I, that took place all around the area.

Walking offers the necessary amount of time to reconnect with our inner self and the environment, while making us aware of the history that has developed all around. In his book The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, J.J. Rousseau relates walking to dialogue, which is exactly what this project is about. The artists enter in dialogue with the mountain area and its history, while placing themselves and their work in relation to them both and involving local communities.

Invited artists for Walking. Arte in Cammino are: Leone Contini, Michele Spanghero, Michele Tajariol, Filippo Minelli, Pablo Chiereghin, Caterina Rossato, and Andreco.

The residencies are taking place between June and July. The project is curated by Michela Lupieri and Giuseppe Favi.


Michele Spanghero, Walking-Arte in cammino

Michele Spanghero – Sopralluoghi sul sentiero. Cima Pal Piccolo. Walking 2016.


Caterina Rosato, Walking. Arte in cammino

Caterina Rosato – Mind Landscape

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