Bulletin #22. Semiotic Circuits by Elisa Del Prete


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Bulletin #22
Semiotic Circuits

by Elisa Del Prete (ENG – ITA)


An essay on the artwork of Ivana Spinelli, published on the occasion of her solo show Contropelo at Gallleriapiù, Bologna (January 23 – March 18, 2020).


Usually, an artwork instinctively elicits a series of thoughts in my mind. Ivana Spinelli’s constructions bridle me. Mostly replicas of something I recognize, they ask me to stay and disentangle the system.

– Elisa Del Prete

About the author:

Elisa Del Prete is an author, curator and producer in the field of visual arts. She graduated in History of Art with a thesis at the Warburg Institute in London. In 2006 she founded (and directed until 2016) Nosadella.due in Bologna, an international residency program for artists and curators. In 2018, in collaboration with Silvia Litardi, she created NOS Visual Arts Production, a design, production and promotion studio for contemporary art. Elisa curated and produced: the visual arts section of the Gender Bender Festival (2008, 2011); Bridget Baker’s first Italian solo exhibition (MAMbo, 2012); the visual art section of Archivio Aperto for Home Movies (2014, 2015); Cities by Night by Valentina Medda (2016); Serie Imperiale by Flavio Favelli (2017-2018); 100DM, a book and a photographic exhibition in collaboration with Tommaso Bonaventura on private stories related to the fall of the Berlin Wall (2019-2020).

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