#ArtissimaLive. The art fair goes live

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This year, Droste Effect magazine will proudly be a part of the project #ArtissimaLive at the Artissima art fair in Turin. We invite all of you to come and join us on November 2nd at our stand.

#ArtissimaLive is a live editorial team composed of online magazines, bloggers and art websites, that collaborate on the creation of content at the fair. The list of participants includes ATP Diary, Droste Effect, Kabul, and Widewalls. #ArtissimaLive is a platform coordinated by ATPdiary’s Elena Bordignon with the function of involving Italian and international online magazines in the production of live and original content related to the fair, with interviews, special social media projects, and artists’ talks.

Hosted at the OVAL, this year the #ArtissimaLive real-time newsroom explores the theme of time, seen as a “live” narrative of the present, with a parallel focus on the theme of sound. The newsroom will be hosted in a neutral space, sheltered from the dynamic context of the fair: an individual workstation that will feature a new blogger each day, who in the phase of creation of editorial content will also select music offered for listening, using headphones, to an audience seated outside the room. A sort of inspirational soundtrack to accompany the creative process and, by extension, the fair itself.

On November 2nd, come join us at #ArtissimaLive or tune in from 12 PM to 8 PM to follow our rich program of interviews and talks with international artists and curators:

Susan Philipsz
The Cool Couple
Marco Ceroni
Marco Scotini and Ugo La Pietra
Petrit Halilaj
Michele Spanghero
Irene Campolmi
Apparatus 22
Marzio Zorio

You can also follow us on Instagram @drosteeffectmag to enjoy our art fair insights as part of the live feed of Artissima Stories.


#ArtissimaLive, ArtissimaLive, Droste Effect, Droste Effect magazine, Artissima 2018, Turin, art fair, Artissima, Bifo, Franco Berardi

Droste Effect, Flag no. 1 (Bifo), 2018

In addition, Droste Effect presents a new special edition for Artissima 2018. At Edicola by Marsél, in the publishing section, for the whole duration of the art fair you will be able to buy Droste Effect magazine no. zero, but also the first limited edition in our series Flag.
Who holds the rights to our words? Droste Effect’s Flag project aims to investigate the way in which information circulates and transforms itself. The Flag project is dedicated to the production of limited and numbered silkscreen-printed flags. Every flag bears a sentence that a relevant scholar or intellectual wrote and shared on social media.

See you at Artissima!

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