London Agenda: Anne Bean, Duets with 5 strangers

Saturday 23 July, 19:00

Matthews Yard, Theatre Utopia,
1 Matthews Yard,
Croydon CR0 1FF

As a part of the evening programme for the 2016 Tempting Failure Festival, artist Anne Bean will work live on spontaneous and improvised performances together with five people she has never met before.


Tempting Failure Festival, Anne Bean, London, performance

Anne Bean, performance at Latitude festival 2015 with YOL


This work is about the making of work: the fear, the anticipation, the focus, the hopes, the hopelessness, the desires, the passion, the absurdity, the perplexity, the reaching, the rawness, the bewilderment, the questioning, the laughter, the connectivity, the buzz, the fizz, the heartfelt, the soulful, the pathetic, the shifts, the uplifts, the needs, the ups, the downs, the drive, the ego, the authentic, the LIVE.

I will bring nothing but my own body to the space… the material of the work for me will be entirely the stranger. My awareness of their awareness and sensing their awareness of my awareness. The focussing, our antennae searching for clues… psychically probing each other and outwards into the space of the audience—taking them with us on this unknown flight. I would like the work to grip and stir and disturb and challenge all of us in the space and to create an intense witnessing and engagement by the audience that in turn feeds the participants in this unknowable sharing… this ontological gambolling—this awareness of awareness.

– words by Anne Bean, artist


Anne Bean: Duets with 5 strangers
Tempting Failure Festival 2016
Tickets available here


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  1. July 22, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    Anne Bean’s description of this piece reads like an epic poem!

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