Art Tour NY | Bushwick Galleries, Summer 2016

Even New York slows down during the Summer, with fewer and fewer art openings going on in the city. Even so, it is a good time to catch up with the Bushwick art scene, that has seen an increasing number of interesting projects being showcased in the area.

Luhring Augustine was the most established name to open, in 2012, a gallery location in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. This Summer (through July 30) the gallery presents artwork from Jason Moran’s series: STAGED. The artist here uses an immersive installation (including sound) to render a historical view on a long-gone New York jazz scene, that is as faithful to the original as it is constructed, bringing the ambiguity of authenticity into the artwork.


Luhring Augustine, Jason Moran, Bushwick, Bushwick galleries, New York

Jason Moran: STAGED at Luhring Augustine
through July 30


CLEARING also moved its New York location to Bushwick in 2014, neighboring Luhring Augustine. Now the gallery is presenting – as many others during the Summer – a group show: Fritto Misto features artwork by Harold Ancart, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Huma Bhabha, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Bruno Gironcoli, Marguerite Humeau, Zak Kitnick, Calvin Marcus, Marina Pinsky, and Lili Reynaud-Dewar (through August 14).


CLEARING, Harold Ancart, Bruno Gironcoli, Huma Bhabha, Marina Pinsky, Bushwick, Bushwick galleries, New York

Left to right: Harold Ancart, Bruno Gironcoli, Huma Bhabha, Marina Pinsky
Fritto Misto: group show at CLEARING
through August 14


Kurt Steger’s “floating” architectural construction Scribing the Void at ODETTA (through August 21) uses ‘soft’ materials such as wood to elicit in the visitor an experience of the union between something heavy and something light: matter and spirit. The installation also features an original music composition by RSM.


Kurt Steger, ODETTA, Bushwick, Bushwick galleries, New York

Kurt Steger: Scribing the Void at ODETTA
through August 21


Interstate Projects’ U:L:O: is a curatorial invitational that invites 6 curators to present shows in one of three spaces: Upper, Lower, and Outside. Each show runs for three weeks and is in two parts. U:L:O: 2016 Part II (through July 31) includes: Al Bedell, Nichole Caruso, and Jupiter Woods. Notably, the big courtyard at the entrance is mostly taken by Corinna Helenelund’s Pony Play (2016), part of the section curated by Jupiter Woods. Helenelund’s playfully attractive installation echoes slightly suspicious in its tender and relaxed appearance.


Interstate Projects, Corinna Helenelund, Bushwick, Bushwick galleries, New York

Corinna Helenelund: installation outside Interstate Projects


The group show Field Studies at TSA – Tiger Strikes Asteroid (through August 7) addresses exactly what its title suggests: experiments on the field, where science meets exploration and travel. These investigations often include impersonation, a journey inside subjectivity. Field Studies is curated by Andrew Prayzner and Naomi Reis, and presenting the work of Terry Adkins, Emilie Clark, Zachary Fabri, Rachel Frank, Matthew Jensen, 
Julia Oldham, and Lina Puerta.

Another group show, Rules of the Game at Transmitter (through August 7) sets its focus on the contrast between sport and art, where the first is essentially a set of rules in itself, while the latter is based on the crossing of boundaries and demystification of rules. The show features work by Palma Blank, Amanda Browder, Paul Corio, Jean Alexander Frater, Ben McNutt, Michael Namkung, Norm Paris, and Derrick Velasquez.

A fresh curiosity, Or Bust, a group exhibition at Honey Ramka (through August 14) gathers together a good number of contemporary sculpture in the relatively small gallery space. The artwork in the selection bears a clear reference to antiquity collections. The great variety of effigies reminds of ancient sculptures on museum displays, ranging from crafts to monumental.


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