London Agenda: Hotline @ Toynbee Studios

Thursday 15 September, 19:30

Artsadmin at Toynbee Studios
28 Commercial Street
E1 6AB London

Join artists Travis Alabanza, Season Butler and Paul Maheke for the second session of Hotline, an itinerant space for debate and interaction curated by Jamila Johnson-Small (Last Yearz Interesting Negro) and Sara Sassanelli.


Hotlinemashup. Photo by Katarzyna Perlak & Jordan Taylor

Hotlinemashup. Photo by Katarzyna Perlak & Jordan Taylor


Hotline aims to be a space for debate and interaction. A space to get inside the heads of artists, performers, friends, friends of friends and unknowns. A nomadic space for interactions and opinions, beyond your bedroom and beyond your Facebook feed.

Each Hotline session takes place in a different space – we’re interested in the ways that environment affects conversation, and for the event not to become an institution. Travis Alabanza, Season Butler and Paul Maheke have been invited to present something that they feel like sharing, up to 15 minutes in length, in any form they chose (given environmental limitations). Following these provocations/presentations/performances, questions will be welcomed from the audience.

Our intention as organisers/curators/low-key hosts is to create a frame that enables access to people we find interesting and the things that they find interesting at the moment, but also to engage with the growing demand for artists to be present, in ways beyond the show/exhibition/text. To think about how – at best – this can promote an embodied engagement with discourse, or – less great – continued commodification of marginalised bodies and voices for the benefit of institutions.

Hotline came out of a desire to work outside of just a single institutional space. I am interested in events that have scope for artists to talk or perform, or both, and where audiences can ask questions/learn something. I also wanted to work with Jamila.

– words by Sara Sassanelli, curator


I had the feeling that I wanted to be learning more, to be actively engaged and challenged in an intellectual sense but not inside of an academic institution. Hotline was what came out.

– words by Jamila Johnson-Small, curator


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