Droste Effect magazine at G@P- Galleries at Paratissima

Droste Effect magazine at G@P- Galleries at Paratissima


2013 is the first year of G@P- Galleries at Paratissima, a section of Paratissima dedicated to contemporary art galleries.

10 galleries will have the opportunity to showcase and sell contemporary artworks at a controlled price, targeting the younger crowd of collectors that is typical of Paratissima.

G@P will also host a selection of contemporary art magazines, that like Droste Effect will have their stand inside the art fair.

The space dedicated to G@P is inside the historical arcades of former MOI, located near the Oval, where the internationally renowned Artissima Contemporary Art Fair will take place on the same days.

Paratissima 2012 had a record of visitors: 100,000 people from all over the world visited the event, that now wants to establish itself as an international off-event open to a passionate and curious audience, including art galleries as well as young and creative talents.

G@P intends to to fill in the gap between the more institutional art fairs, aimed at elite collectors, and those exclusively reserved to young art galleries.

G@P intends to create a space where affordable artworks are offered in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Each gallery will present a maximum of five artists, whose artworks will be priced under 5,000 €.


G@P-Galleries at Paratissima
6-10 November 2013
Arcate Ex-Moi, Via Giordano Bruno 181, Turin

Wednesday 6 November 6-12pm
Thursday 7 + Friday 8 November 3-12pm
Saturday 9 November 12am-12pm
Sunday 10 November 10am-10pm


Droste Effect magazine at G@P- Galleries at Paratissima

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