Supercondominio 2 at Castello di Rivoli

The second edition of contemporary art gathering Supercondominio at Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea


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Droste Effect is happy to take part in the second year of Supercondominio, a project by Castello di Rivoli Contemporary Art Museum in Turin.

Supercondominio started from a simple question: “Who are the actors and which are the energies that are redesigning Italy’s new contemporary art system?”

The event is held in the beautiful ancient Castle of Rivoli, turned contemporary art museum, just outside of Turin, Italy.

For its 2019 edition, Supercondominio will see a gathering of contemporary art publishers and recently opened spaces from all over Italy to discuss themes relevant to the practices and state of this industry today.

On Sunday, July 7, each participant will have the chance to introduce their own work in a brief presentation open to the general public.

A peculiar characteristic of this meeting is that all participants are asked to spend the night before their presentation in a tented camp set up by technical sponsor Combo in the gardens outside of the Castle. This way, the gathering becomes an experience of sharing living spaces, enhancing communality, and in some aspects re-enacting a situation of cohabitation typical of a condominium.

In fact, according to the event’s manifesto, “Supercondominio takes its name from a kind of gathering that regulates the management of two or more buildings within the same premises. Supercondominio invites us to rethink models of coexistence in order to envision new spaces that may share devices and objectives.”

The event is promoted by museum director Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, and moderated and organized by curators Caterina Molteni and Laura Lecce.

Here is the list of participants to Supercondominio 2:

63rd – 77th STEPS (Bari) | 80121 Residency (Napoli) | ADA (Roma)| Almanac Inn (Torino/Londra) | Almare (Torino) | Altalena (Milano) | Archivio | Bite the Saurus (Napoli) | Castiglioni (Milano) | Castro (Roma) | Cherimus (Perdaxius, CI)| Clima (Milano)| CRIPTA747 (Torino)| DOM (Palermo) | Droste Effect | Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio (Bologna) | Giorgio Galotti (Torino) | Il Colorificio (Milano) | L’Ascensore (Palermo) | Like a little disaster (Polignano a mare)| Localedue (Bologna)| Kabul | Microclima (Venezia) | Momentum | Montecristo Project (Cagliari) | Progetto Diogene (Torino) | Residenza La Fornace (Milano) | Siliqoon (Milano) | Spaziobuonasera (Torino)| Spettro (Brescia) | takecare (Bari) | Tarsia (Napoli) | Treti Galaxie (Torino)| Veda (Firenze) | viadellafucina (Torino)

Supercondominio 2 takes place at Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Turin on Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 11AM–2PM and 3–7PM.

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