London Agenda: The Public(s) Land Grab @ Tenderpixel

Saturday 23 April, 12:30 -15:00

Tenderpixel at Loughborough Farm
Loughborough Road (opposite to Wyck Gardens)

As part of the eight-week series ‘Spatial Practices and the Urban Commons’ organised by Tenderpixel, Thomas Dobson invites us to spend a Saturday out of the urban jungle and discover the Loughborough Farm, a self-initiated, self-governed and self-funded community in South London.


Loughborough Farm in South London, Tenderpixel

Loughborough Farm in South London


Tenderpixel invited Tom Dobson to contribute to their events series around the urban commons. Tom will lead a tour in Loughborough Farm, and active common in South London. This project takes a stance against the inequalities intrinsic to capital-led urban development. As developers become increasingly irresponsible, can residents re-appropriate development as a tool to level social inequalities and reclaim land and resource for public benefit? Step away from the laptop, join the farm, and get your hands dirty to find out.

– words by Borbala Soos, director & curator, Tenderpixel


Spatial Practices and the Urban Commons:The Public(s) Land Grab
Meeting at Loughborough Farm (opposite Wyck Gardens), Loughborough Junction, South London)
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