London Agenda: Lupercalia Live @ Bosse&Baum

Friday 18th March, 19.00-22.00

Bosse & Baum
133 Copeland Road, SE15 3SN London
(entrance also through 133 Peckham Rye Lane)

An evening of readings, performance and screening on the occasion of Miriam Austin’s solo show at the gallery in Peckham.


Miriam Austin, Proaestetics for Hostile Contexs, 2015. Courtesy Bosse&Baum, Lupercalia

Miriam Austin, Proaestetics for Hostile Contexs, 2015. Courtesy Bosse&Baum


‘Through its combination of installation and performance, the exhibition Lupercalia institutes a narrative matrix, which in sculptural objects become sacred instruments, tools and vestments. The resulting works push towards imaginative slippages in which objects and bodies melt, generating hybrid forms that are simultaneously alarming and seductive.

Lupercalia Live came about because of the very live and active nature, inherent in Miriam Austin’s work; unassumingly provocative, her work tends to feel very much alive even with no-one in the space. What we wanted to do was to activate the space even further inviting writers, poets, artists to work in a way that interacts and sets off the work even further. The exhibition deals with ritual and ceremony, and poetry, readings, performance have really come about very naturally and organically.

Austin’s work for Lupercalia emerges in part from her participation in the artist collective UA, which since its inception in 2013 has created contexts for producing and viewing artworks and texts that disrupt the secular default. UA insists on taking religion, myth and mysticism seriously as way of understanding and engaging with aesthetic production.’

–– Words by Alexandra Warder / Director / Bosse&Baum



Poetry reading with Sam Riviere |
Performance by Candida Powell-Williams| Readings by Holly Slingsby, Louisa Elderton, Matthew Drage, Boris Jardine |
Film screening of  Rachel Maclean’s , ‘Over the Rainbow’, 2013, courtesy the artist and Rowing


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