London Agenda: Gerda Paliusyte @ kunstraum

Friday 17 June, 19:00

21 Roscoe Street
London EC1Y 8PT

Kunstraum hosts Airoom Artist Residency’s screening of The Road Movie, a film by Lithuanian artist Gerda Paliusyte, followed by a discussion with the artist.


Gerda Paliušytė, The Road Movie, still from film

Gerda Paliusyte, The Road Movie, still from film


Gerda Paliusyte was invited to take take part in the AIROOM, a pop-up artists residency in London and Vilnius, curated by Juste Kostikovaite, which takes its inspiration from social apps such as Airbnb and Tinder, new platforms which change the way we perceive space, time, home and intimacy. AIROOM responds to the value of an artists residency in a time where production funding is scarce – inviting artists to visit London is easy to organise and fundraise. AIROOM gives an opportunity for international artists and curators to come, produce, or simply hang out in the local art scene or at least immerse themselves in the vibes of another city.

Paliusyte’s film The Road Movie is important as it refers to a key moment in the history of rap music, at the same time a key moment for Lithuania and other Baltic states. The movie follows the two remaining members of New York hip hop band Onyx, more than 20 years after the release of their single ‘Slam’, on a drive through Vilnius, a city that has been ‘on the road’ towards a new economic future. Released in 1993, Slam was a breakthrough single in the US, but also became the soundtrack for the street riots taking place in the Baltic countries following the collapse of Soviet rule.

– words by Juste Kostikovaite, curator


Gerda Paliusyte, The Road Movie
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