Armory week: Independent, SPRING/BREAK, and NADA

It’s Armory Week in New York, and a multitude of art fairs are welcoming their visitors. The formula changes from fair to fair, and the same goes for their reputation. Usually only some of them make it most headlines along with Mother art fair, the Armory Show.

Independent NY is by many considered the second ranking art fair, strictly in terms of relevance to «contemporary art» – meaning that it features high quality galleries, the ones that provide a uniquely interesting vantage point onto new talents in contemporary art’s prime market (through March 11).

NADA, or the New Art Dealers Alliance, is a non-profit arts organization. During its yearly art fair in New York, NADA offers a mix of galleries and non-profit spaces, resulting in one of the most prominent events during Armory week (through March 11).

The SPRING/BREAK Art Show, now at its seventh edition, has proven itself to be able to gain critical appreciation, thanks and despite its peculiar approach: it offers visibility to independent curators (rather than commercial galleries). The selected curatorial projects are assigned free space, making it possible for independent curators and emerging artists to be part of the crucial Armory Week (through March 12).

Here is a selection of artwork from this 2018 edition of the three art fairs.







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  1. March 15, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    […] In a recap of the Armory week shows in New York, Droste Effect includes  Molly Soda’s installation for 315’s booth as a highlight of the NADA fair. You can find the full article here. […]

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