Aiòn#oo1 by _mar.core @ Bergman Week 2016, Fårö Island

Aiòn#oo1 by _mar.core

Sunday 3 July 2016 @ 3.00 PM

Bergman Week 2016
Bergman Center
Fårö Island, Sweden

Fårö, a small island off the Swedish coast, became famous for hosting the home and several film sets of the master director Ingmar Bergman. It is also the place that for 10 years now has been hosting the Bergman Week film festival.


Ingmar Bergman, Fårö Island, _mar.core, Marco Rocca, Bergman Week 2016, Bergman Center


«The images from films by Bergman live my mind as the most remote memories from my childhood: transmitted by a Telefunken valve television–the one with the corners of the screen rounded off. Then, I realized that the strength of their presence was not only determined by a nostalgia for a distant period. They contained something that went beyond subjectivity: they were archetypes. The preliminary phases of my research focused on the induction of a deep emotional flow, that has contributed to the realization of Aiòn, leading me to consider that every musical composition contains a series of cultural references that somehow address and limit it at the same time. After at first adopting an approach of subtraction and re-contextualization of the audio samples, it seemed to me that the use of binaural beat frequencies (BBF)–besides their intrinsic capability for perceptive induction–offered the possibility to expel one last cultural element: the recognizability of musical instruments.»

– words by _mar.core


«[…] Forget the place and situation, you give yourself up. You become the image itself. I am especially grateful to a job like this to touch the intensity. There are many things that it is as if we have always seen, at that time intervenes intensity suspending the complexity. Aiòn returns Bergman an extraordinary intensity beyond forms, which is non-stylistic and non-thematic. Aion is the film mostly focused on vision I’ve ever seen …so …how do I say it now? …I will say: Buona visione

 – words by Enrico Ghezzi


_mar.core aka Marco Rocca, Aiòn#oo1_film edition, curated by Stella Sollai at Bergman Week 2016

Free, no booking needed


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