The 2016 AIPAD Photography Show in New York

The AIPAD Photography Show opened today in New York, and it will be open to the public through Sunday, April 17, at the Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

A fairly small but well known art fair dedicated to photography, The Photography Show | presented by AIPAD is now at its 36th edition, and once again the show features miscellaneous artwork.


Edwynn Houk Gallery, Abelardo Morell, AIPAD, The Photography Show, New York

Abelardo Morell:
Flowers – for Lisa #2 (2015), detail
Edwynn Houk Gallery


As usual, part of the art fair is devoted to the history of photography, where black and white classic masters alternate with unknown authors of nostalgic allure, coming in a variety of obsolete techniques. A small selection of photo documents, such as vintage NASA photographs, are also part of the group.

For this photo gallery of installation views and artwork close-ups, we focused on the most contemporary pieces presented by the galleries on show, to find out what AIPAD has to offer when coming to terms with new ways of thinking photography as a mean for producing contemporary artwork.


The Photography Show | presented by AIPAD
April 14 – 17, 2016
Park Avenue Armory, New York


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