Trialogo at Galleria L’Opera

Trialogo is the first exhibition at the new Andrea Iezzi’s Galleria L’Opera in Rome. Three artists – Mauro Maugliani, Gonzalo Orquín and Luis Serrano – took an exploration between painting, photography and video art, realizing works on three themes: nuns, weddings, interiors. The result is a mix of glimpses bouncing among the lives of bourgeoisie, images of a creed, and the different ways of say “I will.” This last part generates a great hype and a strong reaction from the Vicariate of Rome, that sent a formal warning letter to the gallery after a preview of a series of photo portraits by Orquín, where homosexual couples where kissing inside churches of the city. Orquín immediately obscured his work with black panels and put under it a series of crosses: an image of joy turned into something dark. The ensemble exposed now in the gallery is missing one of its parts, improved with something new. Interpretation is up to the visitors.

Mauro Maugliani, Gonzalo Orquín, Luis Serrano, Trialogo at La Galleria l’Opera, Rome through November 15, 2013

Gonzalo Orquín, Galleria L'Opera

Gonzalo Orquín, Interno Nozze, Trialogo, Galleria L’Opera, Roma

Mauro Maugliani, Galleria L'Opera

Mauro Maugliani, In God we trust, Trialogo, Galleria L’Opera, Roma

Gonzalo Orquín, Galleria L'Opera

Gonzalo Orquín, Hasta que la muerte nos separe,Trialogo, Galleria L’Opera, Roma

Luis Serrano, Galleria L'Opera

Luis Serrano, Sofa, Trialogo, Galleria L’Opera, Roma

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