London Agenda: Ariadna Guiteras, Gentle Bread @ Chalton Gallery

Thursday 28 April, 18:00

Chalton Gallery
96 Chalton Street
NW1 1HJ, London

Chalton Gallery in Kings’ Cross presents a performance by Ariadna Guiteras, reflecting on the political and performative aspects of bread making and clay sculpting.


Ariadna Guiteras, works in progress at the residence at THIS

Ariadna Guiteras, works in progress at the residence at THIS


Gentle Bread is a research about bread and clay by the artist Ariadna Guiteras (Barcelona, 1986) with the support of Homesession (Barcelona, Spain) through the International Residence Programme at THIS (London, U.K.).

Secrets are confessed in a whisper. Expectations, judgment, disappointment, surprise and satisfaction come together in some sort of musicality, rhythm and trance.

Starting from the cross between two simple actions: bread making and clay sculpting, I have focused my residency (March–April 2016) on the political and performative aspects -such as oral history, affective communities, production, distribution and gender construction- that come along with it.

During the process I have been learning both actions through the knowledge of various people. We’ve talked, moved and touched. Gentle Bread will be the end of residency event where a song will be sung, a few sculptures will be shown and conversations will be shared.

– words by Ariadna Guiteras, artist

More info at Chalton Gallery’s website


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