London Agenda: Fragments @ ArtFutura 2016

Saturday 29th October, from 19:00

Hackney Picture House – The Attic
270 Mare Street, E8 1HE London

This weekend Virtual Reality festival ArtFutura arrives in London, presenting a selection of audiovisual experiments in a two day event in Hackney. Among the various events in the program, don’t miss Fragments, a collaborative AV performance with musician Jake Williams and visual artists Will Young and Ben Gannaway.


Fragments, Jake Williams, Will Young and Ben Gannaway

Fragments, Jake Williams/Will Young and Ben Gannaway. Photo Sebastien Roy


Fragments is an exploration of our relationship with memories. How recollected fragments are woven into an ever changing narrative, and emotionally charged events become managed as ordered information. What we remember as reality can be seen as a complex, interwoven construction of these partials and the stories they become.

The piece is built around a series of audio interviews with subjects who recall significant past experiences, which have been heavily abstracted. Environmental elements referenced in the interviews are used to reconstruct these stories in a non-linear way – field recordings and 3D footage are distorted, processed and spatialised to create abstract audio-visual scenes, the narration only appearing clearly as momentary fragments which disappear again into distorted disarray.

Fragmentsis a new collaborative AV performance project with Ben Gannaway and Will Young of RFID (Recursive Function Immersion Dome). Neither visual or sonic composition leads their process, rather their work is created synergetically throughout the use of interlinked iterative processes. Performance parameters of the visuals are tied to sonic processes and vice versa, often in feedback loops, and their work grows out of this interaction. The piece is structured, but there is a lot of scope for improvisation within the structure both visually and sonically and every performance is different.”

– words by Jake Williams, electronic musician


Jake Williams in collaboration with visual artists Will Young and Ben Gannaway
Tickets £5/£7, buy online here


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