London Agenda: A complaining games night @ The Showroom

Thursday 7 April, 6.30–8.30pm

The Showroom
63 Penfold Street, London, NW8 8PQ

Have you had a bad day? Join artist Hamish MacPherson’s games night and feel free to rant about it!


Manual Labours, The Showroom, London

Manual Labours, The Showroom, London

Manual Labours, The Showroom, London

Manual Labours, The complaining body


Don’t miss this event which launches Hamish MacPherson’s new complaining game Breastbeating! We invite you to play the game, have a drink and explore the world of complaints! Other games dealing with work and working will be played, offering you the chance to see what we can learn about our work situation from quick, fun and surreal boardgames about jobseeking, careers, workplaces and after-work moaning. Feel free to bring your own favourite game!

As Hamish MacPherson says, ‘We felt that the ideal situation to play Breastbeating would be after a few drinks to really get those rants going. So why not make a night of it with a selection of other games that deal with work and working.’

Manual Labours (led by Sophie Hope and Jenny Richards) have been working on a project called the Complaining Body with Hamish MacPherson and a London council call centre, to investigate the emotional impact and work of making and receiving complaints. What became evident was the strict frameworks in place for legitimising complaints and the physical effects of the inability to complain at work on the body. From this Hamish has developed a new commission in the form of a card game called Breastbeating. The game simulates an after work session in the pub where the only thing you have to do is complain!

– Words by Jenny Richards and Sophie Hope


We believe that workers who dance, play and sing together will also fight together for their rights. A complaining games night
Curated by Hamish MacPherson
Free, no booking required

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