Jake & Dinos Chapman at Jerwood Gallery

Hot on the heels of their exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, the Chapman brothers return to enthral us with their idiosyncratic trademark comic horror, this time at the Jerwood Gallery in their hometown of Hastings.

In the Realm of the Unmentionable continues the brothers’ exploration of issues surrounding consumer culture, Western identity and human mortality, and features previously unseen works and pieces made exclusively for the exhibition, as well as key pieces from their career. The exhibition has been partly crowd funded through the Art Fund’s new Art Happens platform, which has seen locals enthusiastically contribute over £30,000 to fund the Hastings show.

New works in the exhibition include the exquisite and grotesque bronze sculpture, Sturm und Drang, as well as Los Caprichos (‘the follies’ or ‘the whims’) a series of reworked etchings by the 18th century Spanish artist Francisco Goya, and the darkly comic and perverse Human Rainbow series. Also included is their monumental installation Sum of all Evil, featuring thousands of toy Nazi solders, copulating dinosaurs, and crucified Ronald McDonalds in a surreal and horrific landscape. If it weren’t strangely comic, it might be said to represent our own world corrupted by power, screwy ideology and corporations. Also exhibited are the doctored Victorian portraits from their series One Day You Will No Longer Be Loved, and mannequins with a local flavour.

Jake & Dinos Chapman: In the Realm of the UnmentionableJerwood Gallery, Hastings through 7 January 2015


Jake & Dinos Chapman, Jerwood Gallery

Jake and Dinos Chapman Sturm und Drang 2014, detail, copyright the artists.


Jake & Dinos Chapman, Jerwood Gallery

Jake & Dinos Chapman, Los Caprichos, 2014, copyright the artists

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