Alchemy in Black and White – A performance for AltaRoma

The Roman Concept Store èStile promotes fashion passing through art with Alchemy in Black and White, a special event set up for AltaRoma.

A performance transformed this space into a factory where two different languages can coexist. Playing with gestures and images, four performers acted inside a surreal space and staged an analysis about the universe of black and white by wearing Superology’s creations. With a two hour performance, the actors/models took the event guests to a blank space. The Capsule Collection Alchemy by Superology, inspired by the occult, is the perfect link between the pairs “black/white,” “material/idea,” “art/design.” Dubit, an Italian Dj who works on the Berlin scene, and art director Sara Micol Grimaldi collaborated on the collection, developing the alchemical themes of Nigredo and Albedo. Texturing fades, and secret visual codes alternate to the minimalism monochromatic lettering, giving life to a 100% made-in-Italy collection, realized with materials of high quality and in limited edition.

Alchimie in Bianco e Nero, èStile

Alchimie in Bianco e Nero, èStile, Roma

Performance inside the performance: artist Federico Paris made an illustration live session painting upon èStile’s window with esoteric symbols for a temporary installation.

Federico Paris, èStile

Federico Paris_Alchimie in Bianco e Nero, èStile, Roma

The objects of everyday life revisited by Seletti for Diesel, contaminated by the shapes of a mechanical world and by the influences of the images from the universe, adorned the scene and helped the performance in setting a sort of new life for a Human-Machine. A site-specific video artwork completed the installation: no more art for the museum or a fashion showcase, but new forms of expression for multiple creativity.

Anna Lo Presti’s restaurant Angelina, where Rome’s visual suggestions are transferred to food, carefully selected an à la carte menu for the performers. Even the food becomes design, and the combination of black/white shifted to the table with surprising mastery.

Live Performance, èStile

Live Performance, èStile

Live Performance, èStile

Live Performance, èStile

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