Musa paradisiaca

Kris Lemsalu, Workplace Gallery, London Fight the future: Later Is Now at Workplace Gallery, London
Vincenzo Estremo |

In the following text, I gathered some information and insights that have emerged from an email conversation, concerning the last exhibition curated by Portuguese artist Hugo Canoilas, Later Is Now, for Workplace Gallery in London. The …

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Galeria Múrias Centeno, Musa paradisiaca, Claudio Zecchi, interview, artists, dialogue, art, project A conversation with Musa paradisiaca
Claudio Zecchi |

Musa paradisiaca (Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão, 2010) is a long-term discursive project that manifests itself through the different shapes of drawing, performance, and sculpture. It’s a single expression of a collective and fragmented soul, …

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