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Lastation, Ramdom, Claudio Zecchi, Simona Di Meo, Jacopo Rinaldi, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravera, Alberto Gemmi Life is messy and moving all the time: A collective writing experiment at Ramdom
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  Life is messy and moving all the time by Claudio Zecchi, Simona di Meo, Roberto Memoli, Nuvola Ravela and Jacopo Rinaldi This text is a collective writing experiment on several levels – visual, video, …

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Sao Paulo, Claudio Zecchi, Bulletin, Droste Effect, Droste Effect magazine, contemporary art, art paper Bulletin #11 – São Paulo Out of Reach
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    Droste Effect presents Bulletin: non academic art papers Link to free publication: Bulletin #11. São Paulo Out of Reach by Claudio Zecchi   Contents: • São Paulo, Out Of Reach/São Paulo, Fora De Alcance. …

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Galeria Múrias Centeno, Musa paradisiaca, Claudio Zecchi, interview, artists, dialogue, art, project A conversation with Musa paradisiaca
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Musa paradisiaca (Eduardo Guerra and Miguel Ferrão, 2010) is a long-term discursive project that manifests itself through the different shapes of drawing, performance, and sculpture. It’s a single expression of a collective and fragmented soul, …

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