Sophie Nys Frottage (Hugo, Nicola, Christoph), 2018, Frottage and urine on card 100 x 70 cm, photos by Gregor Titze Not a Shoe. Sophie Nys at Guimarães
Droste Effect |

A few months ago we asked art writer Josseline Black to visit Sophie Nys’ exhibition “Not a Shoe,” hosted by Guimarães art space in Vienna. The following is the text she wrote on that occasion. …

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Luisa Gardini and Felix, Guimarães, Vienna 2017. Image credits: Gregor Titze Guimarães. A new artist-run space in Vienna
Vincenzo Estremo |

Guimarães is a new exhibition space that opened a few months ago in Vienna. The place is run by Hugo Canoilas, Christoph Meier, and Nicola Pecoraro. I decided to meet the guys because I wanted …

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