Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Cesare Tacchi, Palazzo delle Esposizioni Cesare Tacchi: From Matter to Spirit
Virginia Villari |

The Art of Cesare Tacchi presented in an extensive retrospective at Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome     My first memory of Cesare Tacchi (1940 – 2014) goes back to my childhood. It was the …

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quadriennale-roma-2016 Generational Quadriennale, Roma 2016
Vincenzo Estremo |

There are certain events in nature that still need to be observed; actually, it is believed that 95% of our oceans remain unexplored and we have discovered only 10% of the living things on Earth. …

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Palazzo delle esposizioni The charm of Rome and the memory of the 70s
Eleonora Salvi |

1970s Rome at Palazzo delle Esposizioni –– There are particular places and historical periods that will go down in history for having fostered the creation of cultural trends and the subsequent ferment of movements and …

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