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Guggenheim Museum, New York, art, exhibition, 2016, museum, gallery Art in New York City: January–March 2016
Matilde Soligno |

    The NEW SEASON OF ART SHOWS that begun with the New Year brought remarkable new projects – and brought new effort to long-term projects – to the New York museums-and-galleries scene. Here a …

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Exhibition view, La Grande Madre, Palazzo Reale, Milan “La Grande Madre”: The (un)discreet charm of women power
Antonella Gasparato |

Well if I had to tell it with a tweet, that’s what I’d post: “The works of over 130 artists from 1900 to 2015 displayed in 30 rooms of an ancient palace, lead us to …

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Wolf Vostell. Barjola musuem. Inter-Fluxus at Barjola Museum
Susana Lopez Fernandez |

When the Second World War finished the spirit of Dada came back. Around two fabled characters as John Cage and George Marcianus, it was born Fluxus - a name taken from the Latin meaning flow, …

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Carla Mattii 40 international artists, 20 places, 4 km of routes and installations: Welcome to Icastica’s world
Sarah Venturini |

For sure, of icastic, contemporary art has very little at times. In terms of realistic, effective, immediate. Nevertheless, this first edition of Icastica, international festival in Arezzo dedicated to art in its totality, goes far …

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