Walid Raad

Guggenheim Museum, New York, art, exhibition, 2016, museum, gallery Art in New York City: January–March 2016
Matilde Soligno |

    The NEW SEASON OF ART SHOWS that begun with the New Year brought remarkable new projects – and brought new effort to long-term projects – to the New York museums-and-galleries scene. Here a …

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Walid Raad, “PREFACE / PREFAZIONE”, MADRE, Naples Walid Raad: Institutional critique and art engagé at MADRE
Eleonora Salvi |

“Preface / Prefazione” is the first solo exhibition of Walid Raad in Italy. It is curated by Alessandro Rabottini and Andrea Viliani at the MADRE in Naples and it is the outstanding result of the …

in: Focus on Europe
Amir Yatziv, Too early, too late, Marco Scotini Crossing over to Modernity: Too Early, Too Late and the dichotomy Islam/West
Vincenzo Estremo |

During my studies of History of Art I had two obsessions, better say, two artists I was obsessed with. I am talking about Antonello da Messina and Gentile Bellini. Both of them were not only …

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Frieze London 2014 A Walk Through The Art. Frieze London 2014
Droste Effect |

Frieze London 2014 was held on October 14-17, 2014. Below you can find a photographic walk-through of the Frieze contemporary art fair, with exhibition views of a selection of the most interesting artwork and galleries …

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