Stano Filko

, Szechwan, szechuan, William Kentridge, Marco Scotini, Anren Biennale, The Szechwan Tale: A conversation with Anren Biennale curator Marco Scotini
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The first edition of the Anren Biennale, featuring more than 120 participating artists from over 20 countries, is scheduled to take place from October 28 to February 28, 2018 in the historical town of Anren …

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FM Centro per l'arte contemporanea, Eastern European Art, Non-Aligned Modernity, Marco Scotini, BOSCH+BOSCH, Marinko Sudac Collection Non-Aligned Modernity. Eastern-European Art at FM Milano
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There was a time in which the term “Iron Curtain” was more than a simple definition for the boundary that used to divide Europe into two separate areas. A time when Westerners thought to be …

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