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Adelita Husni-Bey: The Reading (2017) at the Italian Pavilion A Walk Through The Art. Venice Biennale 2017
Matilde Soligno |

    This year’s Venice Biennale – the 57th edition, titled Viva Arte Viva and curated by Christine Macel – is open to the public through Sunday, November 26th, 2017, as usual in several locations in Venezia, but …

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auditive culture, Frequente, Standards, Milano Cavo. Frequente at Standards Milano
Gaia Martino |

This is a coversation between Attila Faravelli and I. Along with Nicola Ratti and Enrico Malatesta, we are part of Frequente, an art organization based in Milan, focused on sounds and auditive culture. From an idea …

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