Marco Tirelli

Stefano Scheda, Maria Livia Brunelli Gallery, Arte Fiera 2016 A Walk Through The Art: Arte Fiera 2016
Matilde Soligno |

Arte Fiera 2016 celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. Bologna’s contemporary art fair (January 29 to February 1st, 2016) hosted 222 exhibitors, 30% more than 2 years ago. We made a photographic walk-through of Arte …

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Designer Adal by Nora Renaud, opera di Alfredo Pirri, Galleria Giacomo Guidi A.I. The Place/Non-Place Where Art and Fashion Meet in Rome
Manuele Menconi |

The fashion world as we conceive it is a result of different forces, influences and ideas from other fields which have converged in it. Art, for instance, played a central part in the renovation of …

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