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Political Populism, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna Defining the indefinite: Political Populism at Kunsthalle Wien
Vincenzo Estremo |

Political Populism is a group show curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen for Kunsthalle Wien. The exhibition takes under consideration the concerning rise of political populism in contemporary society, and the increasing spread of populist aesthetics in …

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Politischer Populismus, Kunsthalle Wien Political Populism at Kunsthalle Wien
Vincenzo Estremo |

Droste Effect Magazine has been invited to follow “Political Populism,” the Kunsthalle Wien exhibition curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen. Droste Effect Magazine will produce a media coverage of the event and additional insights as interviews with …

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2015-triennial-new-museum-new-york Ryan Trecartin’s 2015 Triennial at the New Museum
Francesco Lecci |

The Triennial is an exhibition the New Museum presents to the world every year to focus, from a curator’s point of view, on the very new trends of contemporary art. This year’s edition, run by …

in: Focus on the American East
2015 Armory Show A Walk Through The Art. The 2015 Armory Show
Eleonora Castagna |

The 2015 Armory Show – now at its 17th edition – selected 199 galleries from 28 different countries. The art fair takes place in New York – this year March 5-8, 2015. The 2015 Armory Show …

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