Giuseppe Chiari

Ugo La Pietra, Il desiderio dell’oggetto, in “Progettare INPIU'”, Courtesy Archivio Ugo La Pietra L’Inarchiviabile/The Unarchivable, Italy 1970s
Vincenzo Estremo |

The History of Art, perhaps like her older sister “History”, always needs to be questioned in order to stay alive. It’s not a coincidence that in our contemporary world, important artist figures often run the risk …

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Wolf Vostell. Barjola musuem. Inter-Fluxus at Barjola Museum
Susana Lopez Fernandez |

When the Second World War finished the spirit of Dada came back. Around two fabled characters as John Cage and George Marcianus, it was born Fluxus - a name taken from the Latin meaning flow, …

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