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Lynne Cohen, Galerie In Situ, Artissima 2019, Back to the Future, Artissima, Torino, Turin, contemporary art, art fair #ArtissimaLive Back to the Future: 10 Years in Retrospect
Droste Effect |

    Artissima celebrates a decade of Back to the Future   To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Back to the Future section at Italy’s contemporary art fair Artissima in Turin, research has been …

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FM Centro per l'arte contemporanea, Eastern European Art, Non-Aligned Modernity, Marco Scotini, BOSCH+BOSCH, Marinko Sudac Collection Non-Aligned Modernity. Eastern-European Art at FM Milano
Vincenzo Estremo |

There was a time in which the term “Iron Curtain” was more than a simple definition for the boundary that used to divide Europe into two separate areas. A time when Westerners thought to be …

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