Daniela De Lorenzo

quadriennale-roma-2016 Generational Quadriennale, Roma 2016
Vincenzo Estremo |

There are certain events in nature that still need to be observed; actually, it is believed that 95% of our oceans remain unexplored and we have discovered only 10% of the living things on Earth. …

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Autoritratti. Iscrizioni del femminile nell'arte italiana contemporanea at MAMbo Women artists in contemporary Italy. Autoritratti at MAMbo
Antonella Gasparato |

You should know it first: it’s a pinkgender-based project. Autoritratti at MAMbo, Bologna showcases contemporary Italian artists, selected and introduced by female curators. But this wouldn’t be the point. Grasping instead its deeper intentions, the idea of Uliana …

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