Daniel Buren

Simon Fujiwara, Esther Schipper, Frieze, New York, 2018, art fair, contemporary art Frieze New York 2018 | Highlights
Matilde Soligno |

Frieze New York 2018 | Randall’s Island | May 4–6, 2018     This year’s edition of Frieze art fair in New York lives up to the “brand”‘s reputation of relatively higher quality. Remarkably, this …

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Ars Aevi, Sarajevo Ars Aevi in Sarajevo, a museum on hold
Eleonora Salvi |

After looking around for more than fifteen minutes, we still could not find any trace of the Ars Aevi, Sarajevo’s Contemporary Art Museum. It was a rainy morning in August. We stood in front of …

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Arte Fiera 2015 art fair Bologna 2015 A Walk Through The Art. Arte Fiera 2015
Manu Buttiglione |

The Arte Fiera 2015 contemporary art fair was held in Bologna, Italy on January 23-26, 2015. The 39th edition of the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art included 210 exhibitors, divided into 5 sections. …

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Daniel Buren, Triennale Massimo Minini: Forty Years of Contemporary Art
Eleonora Salvi |

Bonaspetti and Minini agreed that the criterion for the works’ selection on show would been simply: “The unsold”. A curious license that made the exhibition at the Triennale in Milan dedicated to Massimo Minini, a …

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