Chloë Bass

Ed Fornieles, Finilar, Arsenal Contemporary, Armory week 2017, Armory show, New York, gallery March/April 2017: 20 Gallery Shows in New York
Matilde Soligno |

    These days galleries in New York have excellent shows on display: this week everything revolves around New York’s most important art fair, the Armory Show. It is Armory Week 2017, and the city …

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Chloe Bass A conversation: Chloë Bass on PRELUDE 2014
Eleonora Castagna |

“This year the Prelude festival is going to be different”: this is the first sentence of the Curators’ welcome to the 2014 Prelude Festival. Known as the “un-official kick off event of the fall season” …

in: Focus on the East Coast
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