Alessandro Roma

diamond-2 The re-mediated book: Toast at Atelier Salzamt Linz
Vincenzo Estremo |

    The shape of books changes throughout history, reflecting institutional paradigms. Physical supports interface with institutional archiviation and distribution processes. And right at the center of Toast: Zur Erweiterung des Buchformats Expanding the Book …

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Droste Effect | Pizza Box presents: Pizzemblage Droste Effect / Pizza Box presents: Pizzemblage
Droste Effect |

  VERSIONE IN ITALIANO IN FONDO When Droste Effect was born, all the team was asking themselves a number of questions, that overlapped to merely practical matters. We were trying to face economic issues, to …

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Emanuele Panzarini, Nuovo Spazio di Casso Roccedimenti. Climbing attitudes in Contemporary Art at Dolomiti Contemporanee
Bruna Esperi |

Roccedimenti. fatte, non finite, le nature contemporanee opens the third season of Dolomiti Contemporanee in their new space in Casso, Italy. Curated by Gianluca D’Incà Levis in collaboration with Guido Bartorelli – in an art space …

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