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SITE Santa Fe, museum

SITE Santa Fe


The SITE Santa Fe Museum of Contemporary Art is a special museum, in that it is a profoundly revolutionary element that subverts, without explicit declarations, non-expressed but constant rules that appear with such high frequency in the art world. Entering this museum is like entering a relationship with the low notes of the earth’s depths, with the powerful and pulsating energy of a slow, yet deep-rooted movement. Inside the museum, the primary feeling, as in all of New Mexico, is that of navigating on the brink of an immensely long wave, an infinite one, an overwhelming tsunami that is inevitably mixed with the clayey soil of these places.

The current exhibition much wider than a line follows this long wave of pulsating energy. The artworks, that seem to emerge from these places’ traditions, acquire a syntactic autonomy. Any object, any fragment, becomes a kind of found artifact of the subconscious, which has been created from a distant feeling of common belonging.

The German/Korean philosopher Buyng Chun Han tells of a society devoid of negative poles, a society, ours, only pushed towards constant growth.

much wider than a line. SITElines.2016: New Perspectives on Art of the Americas is on show at SITE Santa Fe through 8 January 2017


SITE Santa Fe, museum, Margarita Cabrera

Margarita Cabrera, Space in Between

Jeffrey Gibson, SITE Santa Fe, museum

Jeffrey Gibson, Like a Hammer

Anne Wrinkle, SITE Santa Fe, museum, Marta Minujin

Director Anne Wrinkle inside Marta Minujin’s Comunicando con la tierra

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