Immersivo Estensivo: Pop-up show curated by Droste Effect at OltreDimore Gallery

Droste Effect magazine’s event Immersivo Estensivo took place on June 4, 2013 at OltreDimore gallery, Bologna, as part of the newborn art magazine’s launch tour. The exhibition featured two installations by artists Francesco Federici and Gedske Ramløv that reflected on the relationship existing between physical and imagined space. Francesco Federici showed his video installation “Dato della Coscienza” (Data of Consciousness) addressing, among others, the idea of space in relation to an audience. Gedske Ramløv produced a wall drawing: the artist’s representation of San Marino’s map hinted at implications related to a territory that hosts a state within another state (and we add: kind of a Droste effect, but of states).

All photographs © Enrica Bonini / Droste Effect magazine

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