Peter Land – Naked at Zachęta, Warszawa

Why would you want to film naked girls? But for art’s sake, of course. Everybody would give this same answer. Peter Land did, too. Art is a serious joke. No-one is ever tired of provocative contemporary art, even if the bored person was Peter Land himself. Do not worry, you would enjoy it anyways. He likes to be in trouble – especially if that’s how you call life – and making a piece of art out of it. The whole creating process is a result of his own existential confusion. He wants to think of the many falls he can handle, or just go towards his own intimate extremes. Sometimes his artworks have no right answers, but what counts are questions, eventually.

Peter Land, Naked at Zachęta, Warszawa, through August 18, 2013

Peter Land, Zachęta

Peter Land, Wunderkind, 2013 (mixed media, dimensions variable), Zachęta, Warszawa [courtesy of Galleri Nicolai Wallner Copenhagen]

Peter Land, Zachęta

Peter Land, Playground, 2005 (Fiberglass cast, wood, motor, textile, and mixed materials, 240 x 741 x 90 cm), Naked, Zachęta, Warszawa

Peter Land, Zachęta

Peter Land, Joie de Vivre, 1998 (2 channel video projection, both with Stereo sound, 9 min loop, dimensions variable, each projection approx. 300 x 400 cm), Naked, Zachęta, Warszawa

Peter Land, Zachęta

Peter Land, Springtime, 2010 (painted fiberglass, fabric, metal, wood, rubble. Dimensions variable), Naked, Zachęta, Warszawa

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