Bulletin #10 – To have done with the Judgement of Robert Smithson


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Bulletin #10. To have done with the Judgement of Robert Smithson by Alexis Dahan

On Monday, November 16th 2015, I take the subway to Hoboken from the 14th street PATH station. There, I buy a copy of the New York Times and a ham sandwich with a bottle of water. I also carry with me a printed-out-from-theinternet copy of a text written by Robert Smithson in 1967. Next, I go to the automatic ticket machine and buy a one-way Bus 85 ticket to Passaic (including a change for Bus 190) and a one-way train ticket to come back. I am early, so I sit down and open the Times. After futilely trying to glance at the art section, I go back to the front page and its headline: «France strikes ISIS targets in Syria in retaliation for attacks on Paris.» I had been reading everything I could on the matter and continuously watching news broadcasts since the attack two days before. […]

About the author:
Alexis Dahan is a French artist and writer currently in residence at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York. He completed his Master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy in Paris and then studied Journalism at New York University in 2007. Dahan had his first solo exhibition at Half Gallery in 2012. In 2013, Dahan’s installation We serve selected texts was installed at the entrance of Dia Art Foundation’s headquarters in Chelsea. Since then, Dahan has had several solo shows in the United States and Europe, including a commission by the Art Production Fund and an intervention with the Fire Department of New York. He has conducted and published interviews with artists including Joseph Kosuth, Jeff Wall, Gabriel Orozco, Lawrence Weiner, Giuseppe Penone, and Barbara Kruger.

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