Siân Louise Spicer

My name is Siân Louise Spicer, and I have a flair for the creative... I own my own website/online sketchbook which houses more insight into my artistic ventures and to the 'goings-on' inside my head: I'm a 21 year old female, who is 5ft3 and three-quaters tall. I love verbs, hashtags, and @'s, I dance, I doodle, and I dilly-dally. Nothing is safe from my 'Dora the Explorer' tendencies. @myalternativeguidetotheuniverse I'm akin to an astronaut, tackling the world one 'Siân-step' at a time. I have now entered the realm of what I like to call ‘Artist Adjacency’, which consists of one whole human being, who is a lover of all things 'artsy', who never does anything half-hearted, and has a normal-sized head. You are always welcome on my wavelength:

Articles by Siân Louise Spicer

Leandro Erlich, Dalston House Leandro Erlich at The Barbican Gallery, London

If you want to defy the laws of physics, and walk up a brick wall, then this is the place. The new installation by Leandro Erlich at Dalston House (commissioned by Barbican Gallery) sees a …

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