Zheng Bo

Pteridophilia 1, video (4K, color, sound), 17', 2016. Courtesy the artist. Artissima Live – Interview with Marco Scotini
Vincenzo Estremo |

Following the experience at #ArtissimaLive, Droste Effect is publishing the interviews collected during Artissima 2018 in Turin; find all articles at #ArtissimaLive. Second conversation: curator Marco Scotini on artist Zheng Bo Marco Scotini is Artistic …

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Zheng Bo, Marco Scotini, MOCA Yinchuan, China, Yinchuan Biennale Yinchuan Biennale | Ecologies on the Edge: conversation with Marco Scotini
Vincenzo Estremo |

The Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 2015 as the first contemporary art museum in northwest China, will host the second Yinchuan Biennale curated by Marco Scotini. We met the curator in Milan, right …

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