Miltos Manetas

Hillary Clinton's visit at Kenneth Goldsmith's HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails, curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi, exhibition view, © Giorgio De Vecchi. Gerda Studio 2019 Francesco Urbano Ragazzi. Making Re-Reality Manifest
Marco Antelmi |

A conversation with curators Francesco Urbano Ragazzi     Francesco Urbano Ragazzi is a curatorial duo formed in 2005, whose research focuses on redefining the commission and the theoretical foundation of the work of art …

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OUTSIDE OF THE INTERNET II, 2012, Computer print, edition of 3, 102.4x76.7 cm. edition of 3 Third Internet Pavilion: An interview with curators Francesco Urbano Ragazzi
Vincenzo Estremo |

How is it like working with Miltos Manetas, and how was the idea for the third Internet Pavilion born? Working with Miltos has something in common with gambling. The Internet Pavilion has no ministers, consuls …

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