Hugo Canoilas

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    Droste Effect presents Bulletin: non academic art papers Link to free publication: Bulletin #12. Best of 2017   Contents: Notes on what I would have liked to write and on what I only left …

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Luisa Gardini and Felix, Guimarães, Vienna 2017. Image credits: Gregor Titze Guimarães. A new artist-run space in Vienna
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Guimarães is a new exhibition space that opened a few months ago in Vienna. The place is run by Hugo Canoilas, Christoph Meier, and Nicola Pecoraro. I decided to meet the guys because I wanted …

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Hugo Canoilas. I’ll devour your eyes, exhibition view, Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna, Courtesy Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna Photographer: Stefan Lux Hugo Canoilas: The prey learns to hunt and be devoured
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I might write the history of my meetings with Hugo Canoilas just by recalling what we ate each time we were together. I don’t know why, but every time I met Hugo we ended up …

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